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BiuBiu Inc. has warehouses in the United States, the Shanghai Pudong Free Trade Zone and Shanghai Jiading. The company‘s China presence, Shanghai Johnson Supply Chain Management Co. Litd., is fully licensed by the China customs and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China for cross-border e-commerce and import/export, and has received the food and drug distribution certificate from the State Food and Drug Administration of China and the sales permit from the FDA of the United States . 



1. Supply Chain Management

      1.1 Storage, sorting, packing and international delivery

      1.2 Bonded warehouses in China 

2. One-Stop License and Permit Applications

3. China Customs Clearance

      3.1 Traditional import clearance

      3.2 Cross-border e-commerce clearance

4. RMB to USD Currency Settlement

5. E-Store and Physical Stores


1. Fully Licensed – We are licensed by the China customs, the State Food and Drug Administration of China, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange of China along all aspects of the import/export process for most types of consumer goods including food and healthcare products. We've also obtained the sales permit from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

2. Seamless Logistic Process Goods in, Money Out: We are one of the few qualified players on the market to get your products from point A (your U.S. factory) to point B (Chinese consumers), and receive payments in U.S. dollars care-free

3. Cost Savings – In addition to the traditional freight/cargo and customs clearance services, we also provide cross-border e-commerce sales solution, which can effectively save you thousands or millions of tax dollars. Click here for further illustration.

4. Multiple Lines of Services – Not only do we take care of your logistics, we also help you apply for the import and sales related permits from the Chinese government and handle your currency exchange settlement on the sales proceeds. Please refer to the Our Services section above as well as our Case Studies page.

5. Flexible Sales Channels in China – We are a stand-alone service provider for consumer product imports. Unlike logistic channels of the major e-commerce operators, which require merchants to sell on their proprietary platforms exclusively, our clients are free to choose their preferred e-commerce platforms in China such as Tmall (by TaoBao), JD, Jumei etc..

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